Krys Mach | Jazz Saxophone | Tenor Sax

Krys Mach Instruments played

Tenor Sax  (main instrumet)
Alto Sax
Soprano Sax
Bari Sax
Ewi  (Electronic wind instrument)
Bb Clarinet
Bass Clarinet
Various eastern flutes and ocarinas

Krys Mach Playing Selmer Mk6 tenor sax Guardala studio mouthpiece

Krys Mach started playing Clarinet at age 15 moved on to Alto sax  ,at 18 got his first Tenor sax.met Mario Travaras and Formed kat kool and the kool kats in Luton Bedforshire in U.K with Mario Travaras gtr and Bassist /later Vocalist Paul Young joined.

KrysMach is a self taught Musician and at 18 Studied Classical Alto Saxophone with Aubrey Frank at the Guildhall School of Music in London after playing Clarinet and Alto Saxophone  he got his first Tenor sax at age 20 ,started playing with younger kids to gain access to sight reading jazz charts in the Luton youth orchestras. played with  with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Great Britain Led by Bill Ashton,was lucky enough to play 2nd tenor  next to Dave Bishop. did a tour of Australia with Bill Ashtons national youth jazz orchestra a day after having wisdom teeth removed .

worked on several Greek cruise liners around the Mediterranean sea ,most notably the Oceanus  which in later years sank . always a bebopper at heart but ended up playing with jazz funk bands. jazz fusion was really popular at that time got busy doing sessions locally and in london for singers and bands Joined jazz funk bands Unlimited source and then Luton band stikki stuff Numerous Recording sessions and gigs in London the U.K and and Europe.

Stikki Stuffs percussionist Alan Culley met Mark King of Level 42 on a bridge in London and gave Mark my number as he was looking for a sax player to replace Gary barnacle who was busy doing other music ventures. Performed and recorded with the Internationally Acclaimed group Level 42 { lead by Mark King Bass/vocals}in the U.K and Europe and has done several world tours and appeared on TV, was with them for nearly 6 years.One of the highlights was performing to 10,000 fans per night for 14 nights in a row sold out at Wembley Arena in England, as represented in the dvd Level 42 Live at Wembley did the running in the family media tour Several American tours ,Supported the Tina Turner , Madonna who’s that girl tour , Steve Winwood back in the high life world tours.Level 42 “Staring at the sun”world tour.Appeared on the TV show Saturday night live in New York and American bandstand in Los Angeles as well as many others .

moved to Los Angeles ,after years of touring was seeking to replenish the fire within worked in Jazz clubs throughout the 1990s with top Jazz  pianist Frank Strazerri ,world famous Jazz drummer Nick martinis and many LA studio and jazz players through the years.continued studying saxophone players and jazz history to really understand the various jazz traditions and found the pursuit. has been involved in instrument developement and consultaion in the music industry,have helped many top flight players with there instruments ,including Tom Scott,Wayne Shorter,Wilton felder………. Today is finding new and often younger musicians to collaborate with on recording sessions  and performing at jazz venues and events in and around Los Angeles and in the UK and Europe . also enjoys finding ways to teach and help other players who are interested in various forms of  jazz .

Krys Mach playing sax on London Gig
Krys Mach Playing Trumpet solo gig
Krys Mach on flute